The 4th industrial revolution is here


The world is on the brink of fourth industrial revolution. It is likely to be even more profound than the previous three. Technological change is happening at hypersonic speed. It changes nature of business, work, and whole society in myriads of ways.

There will be winners, but there will also be losers. Low skill jobs continue to be automated, and the age of mass manufacturing may be over. Will we see even greater levels of inequality and smaller proportion of employment opportunities for the middle class?

The changes will be tremendous already in the next few years. We have simultaneously multiple revolutions under progress. We have big advances in robotics, in synthetic biology, in artificial intelligence, in material science, in renewable energy, in the internet of things and blockchain software. The list is not a comprehensive one.  The network effects of the Internet and the ever-growing scientific and technological breakthroughs secures that we will see new disruptive elements to the global system almost on daily basis.

This blog “The Cool Wave” is intended for the international audience to follow my view of this new phase of industrial, technological and societal change.

The ways and means how we will manufacture things, how we will provide services and how we will solve our critical global problems will be different again. The promise of a new intelligent world has never been greater, but so are also its challenges and risks.

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Ismo Ilén

CEO, M.Soc.Sc