Turning Your Ideas into Digital Reality


Customer Specific Solutions from Finland

Hypermedia Ltd is an e-business consulting company. We provide system solutions to businesses and other knowledge-intensive organizations.

Our business consists of:  

  • digital communications system deliveries: websites and portals
  • eBusiness and e-commerce systems for B2B purposes
  • customer-specific software solutions and professional services

Our Invite web portals are based on responsive web design technology and responsive user interface design. They act intelligently in different client terminals such as smart phones, tablets and big screens of different sizes, eg. HDTV screens. Invite portal is built on the open source Drupal content management system. Our eCommerce solution Invite Commerce is based on the Drupal Commerce technology.

Hypermedia Ltd is a privately owned company and it was established in 1989. Hypermedia Ltd operates nationwide in Finland.