We are living in the early phase of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  All things are changing faster than ever and disrupt our way of life in profound ways.

This blog and website aim to follow that gigantic revolution, its consequences, opportunities and threats.

The internet is global, but as we all know, all business is local and personal. The blog writer lives in Finland. The view on this disruptive technological, economic and social change is, for this reason, a Nordic one. 

"The Cool Wave" - some thoughts behind the blog title
Futurist Alvin Toffler wrote his famous book "The Third Wave" describing an emerging post-industrial society. I would like to call this ongoing 4th industrial revolution as "The Cool Wave" due its nature and the number of unknowns.

Cool is often used expressly for exciting, beautiful, fashionable, hip and ultra-modern. Cool refers and relates in this blog also to cool Nordic waters and to our mentality. We often cool things and heated discussion down, analyze and seek consensus - and live in beautiful surroundings where nature is always present.

Artificial intelligence, smart networks, the internet of things, synthetic biology, cheap supercomputers - they are empirical manifestations of those "cool" things. A wave is a moderately well-functioning allegory for rapid and immense change which is a part of our life now. Its future direction, strength, diversity and volume is unknown - all issues that make bloggers life so interesting!

Ismo Ilén

Pori, Finland
May 30, 2016